The Leading SUKUK crowd funding Platform for SME Real-Estate Developers in Saudi Arabia.

Arat Sukuk

Real-Estate Development Financing made easy

We offer a straightforward alternative to traditional lending to Real-Estate Developers. We specialize in financing your working capital and offer unique benefits for your business

Apply in minutes

It takes five minutes from start to finish. We’ll just need some basic information about your real-estate development project to make a decision.

Upload documents

Upload Real-estate development projects such as property deed, building permit, developer license, and feasibility study and ARAT Platform will automatically review them

Get Funding

Investors on ARAT will participate in funding your development project after you you accept the funding agreement⠀


At the project completion and selling of rent the project and as per ARAT policies and procedures the repayment of principal and profit will be deposited in the investors and shareholders wallets

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Request Financing, or start Investing from your Phone with the new Arat mobile App. Available on Google Play-store and Apple App-store.

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Approved and in compliance with Sharia Law

Arat Platform is regulated and approved by the Sharia Board. We maintain the entire funding process in accordance with Islamic regulations and have been certified by the Sharia Review. We worked with Islamic finance experts and legal advisors to enforce that our financing solutions are based on the values and principles of Sharia law.

Fees are only applied for the days you want to get paid early. There are no hidden fees or charges, so you always know what you’re paying.

From registration to on-going account management, our customer service team is here to help. When you call, you’ll get straight through to someone in our Saudi team.

Applying for funding with us takes few minutes. Just upload your required project documents, review the conditions and get funded.

Arat Platform and data are protected by bank-level security and state-of-the-art encryption. We are licensed by the CMA.


The Answers to most of your questions

What is Arat?

ARAT Capital is a licensed platform by the Financial Technology Laboratory of the Capital Market Authority. It issues sukuk as investment and debt instruments for SME real estate developers, offering up to 20 million in funds.

How can I apply for  financing?

You can apply by signing up on our platform ( and (Sign up), then fill out the required information

Are the financing operations on Arat platform compliant with Islamic Sharia law?

Yes, all financing and investment operations on the ARAT Capital platform comply with Islamic Sharia law and are overseen by a Sharia board chaired by Dr. Youssef Al-Shubaily

What are the expected financing costs?

The financing cost is divided into two parts:
1- Sukuk Structuring Fee up to 3%
2- Monthly profit rate from 1%

What are the required guarantees?

1- Mortgage
2- Promissory notes on company and owners

What is the time frame for the financing procedures?

The evaluation of the financing request, and determining the profit rate, within one business day after receiving all the required documents. On average it takes around 3-5 business days to completing the process

Can I pay off the financed amount before the due date?

Yes, you can pay off the full amount before the due date and receive the agreed upon discount in the contract.

What is the maximum financing duration that can be requested?

The maximum financing duration that can be requested is 5 years.